Alee Club is a registered voluntary organization established with support of like-minded people crusading against all the social ills plaguing our society. Our aim is to help people of all socio-economic class to effect positive changes in their life.

To this end, we plan to open hospital and medical centres equipped with modern medical facilities as well as spiritual development centres. Our health related endeavors would not only be limited to curative therapy but also we are creating awareness to prevent spread of diseases such as Polio, Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS etc. Alee Club is also Offering a wide range of choices through its Alee Club's Academy of Arts, where the candidate would not only get the professional training and guidance, but also a right platform to prove his/her Caliber.

With the dedication endeavor to preserve the Indian culture and Traditions form its roots and to make the talent more secured from misleading and malafide elements, the academy is offering an unbeatable platform to all those, who are interested in Acting, Modeling, Fashion Designing, TV Anchoring, Singing, Dancing, News, Reading, Script Writing, Directing, RJ, etc.

Alee Club Miss and Mr TEEN India - 2019 Registration Form

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