Alee Club Teenindia 2022 Auditions Are Happening in 14 Cities!

Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 Auditions Are Happening in 14 Cities!

Here Is the List of Cities Where Auditions Are Happening!

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Miss and Mr Teen India 2022 Auditions are underway!

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Contest Auditions in 14 Cities

Are you looking for a contest audition for Miss and Mr Teen India 2022in your city? Then, we have here what you really need, and i.e. the list of cities where you can give your audition. Check out this list of 14cities where you can take part in the auditions for the contest. If you are a teen who really wishes to enter this Teen Contest, then the first step towards stardom is to find an audition in the city nearest to you. We have put together the list of 14cities where you can give your audition for this contest, so find the city that falls closest to you. Where you find the nearest one, just go for the auditionson the correct date and give your best shot! Good news for all the teens is that the contest is happening in multiple cities so you have a chance there! Find your city, reserve your spot, and save the date!


Under the convincing mentoring of Ramp Guru Sambita Bose, we are proud to announce that this is the 24th successful year for the tireless efforts of the contest organizers, who have put their professional experience to tap the right talent pool. With the experience of leading industry experts, ALEE CLUB has played a pivotal role in mentoring and influencing the lives of budding teens. This competition is an annual event organized by the ALEE Club. The contest is open to teenage girls and boys across India, and the winner(s) will be crowned Miss Teen India 2022 and Mr Teen India 2022. The contest was held for the first time in 1997 and last time in 2021. The winners of the 2021 year contest were Anoushka Chauhan (Alee Miss Teen India Club 2021 from Delhi) and DivyanshSonwal (Alee Club Mr Teen India 2021 from Allahabad). This contest is a great platform for teenage girls and boys to showcase their talent and beauty. The contest provides a great opportunity for the participants to interact with each other and learn new things. Participating in this contest is a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem of the teenagers. It is also a great platform for attendees to connect and make new friends.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: Entrants must be teenagers, between the ages of 13 years and 19 years to enter this contest.
  • Height: Any height would be right!
  • Nationality: Truly Indian!

Audition Dates and Cities

  1. Ahmedabad (11th June 2022)
  2. Mumbai (12th June 2022)
  3. Pune (13th June 2022)
  4. Bangalore (15h June 2022)
  5. Hyderabad (16th June 2022)
  6. Bhubaneshwar (17th June 2022)
  7. Kolkata (19th June 2022)
  8. Patna(21stJune 2022)
  9. Ranchi (23rdJune 2022)
  10. Indore (27th June 2022)
  11. Jaipur(29th June 2022)
  12. Kanpur (1st July 2022)
  13. Chandigarh(5th July 2022)
  14. Delhi (10th July 2022)


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